It’s time to face the sad truth, summer has gone and autumn is here, and with it comes a whole host of new challenges to your hair. The best way to tackle the seasonal changes and keep your hair in tip-top condition is to be prepared and stock up on autumn essentials – ideal for recovering from the summer damage.

Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner

Your skin may be bronzed and freckled, but the sun isn’t so friendly to your hair. Summer brings about a multitude of grievances to locks – chlorine damage, UV damage and excessive heat. These all dry out the hair, leaving it unmanageable and brittle. For your hair to regain its health and strength, you need a really intense moisturiser, rich in nourishing oils such as coconut and avocado. It’s really important to get a natural conditioner, as more chemicals will only damage your hair further.

Sensitive shampoo

Summer can leave your scalp dry, sunburnt and, basically, just a bit grumpy. This delays hair growth, increases breaks and overall makes for a very dry and brittle ‘do. Akin Konizi, creative director for HOB Salons, says that "with the continual change in temperatures and use of central heating, this can leave hair feeling dry and frizzy resulting in an untamed mane". To avoid having a mop the size of Brazil, ease your hair back to its natural contented self with a sensitive shampoo. Plants such as chamomile, calendula, and jasmine soothe inflamed and irritated scalps, which speeds up the summer recovery process, getting your hair back to beautiful in no time!

Stimulate that scalp!

Exchanging the sun, sea and sand for the realities of work, school and bills spells only one thing; stress. Too much anxiety can cause the hair to thin, only made worse by hair treatments bursting with chemicals and parabens. The easiest way to prohibit hair thinning is pre-emption – using a stimulator lotion before the taxing autumn months kick in. Stimulator lotions boost circulation to the scalp - rosemary, lavender and lemon motivate the scalp, which encourages fresh blood supply carrying the essential nutrients to the hair root. This boosts new hair growth, giving you thick, enviable tresses!

Bring back the moisture

Oils are the best hair-repair method around, and the best thing is, they are completely raw and organic! Avocado oil and sweet almond oil are particularly good at replenishing the hair, bringing back all that moisture that the pesky sun sucked out. Left overnight, hair oil does its magic and allows you to wake up in the morning with soft, thick and manageable hair. Come and get me, autumn!

Posted by Laura Andrews