If you want to ensure you have healthy skin and a bright complexion, one of the easiest things you can do is take evening primrose oil daily. 

This amazing oil can be used as it is or taken as a supplement and has long been linked to a number of benefits. When it comes to beauty, evening primrose oil can help improve the health of your hair, nails and skin.

The oil has a lot of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is a fatty acid that is essential to your system. When you take evening primrose oil daily, your body turns this fatty acid into a substance that works similarly to hormones and serves as an anti-inflammatory. 

This means that the oil helps to reduce redness in the skin, which is common in those that suffer from acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

By reducing inflammation evening primrose may also help to clear the skin of any blemishes or blackheads. These are caused by dirt and excess oil clogging the pores, which can happen on a greater scale if the skin is swollen.

As evening primrose oil reduces swelling in the skin, the pores are able to become more open, allowing you to better clean your skin and get rid of all dirt and bacteria. It can also help to stop them recurring as less swelling means pores may be less likely to become blocked in the first place.

Evening primrose oil can also be applied directly to the skin, whether as a moisturiser or during the oil cleansing method. It has a high level of antioxidants, which are able to remove free radicals from the skin. These have been linked to skin ageing and dryness.

Using the oil on your skin will provide a deep level of moisturisation that is suitable for most skin types, helping to clear the skin of impurities and brighten your complexion by improving circulation. This makes it an ultimate weapon against skin fatigue that dulls your complexion during the darker winter months.  

Applying it at night allows your skin to soak up all the goodness, meaning you wake up with moisturised and refreshed skin that is toned and firm. It will also ensure that you don't suffer from any dark circles or dull patches in the morning.