If you're feeling down during the winter it could be because of lack of sleep. Even if you are getting a good eight hours a night, restless sleep can leave you feeling tired and bring your mood down; making it harder to get through the day.

Yoga can help you to de-stress and unwind before bed, helping you to drift off faster and achieve a more restful night's sleep. This is likely to improve your overall mood, ensure you feel more wide awake in the morning and help to reduce stress.

Here are some simple ways that you can incorporate yoga into your evening routine in order to set you up for a better night's sleep. It is best to do these on your bed - if you have room - as it will let your brain know that it is time to wind down.


Start your routine by sitting up straight in bed. You can put your legs out in front of you or cross them, just ensure that you are comfortable. Simply sit with your eyes closed and breathe. Concentrate on your breathing for as long as you want.


Simply lie on your back with your legs and arms extended and your eyes closed. Once again this is about concentrating on your breathing for a few minutes. You might find that this comfortable position allows you to drift off without doing any more exercises.


Slowly pull your knees up to your chest while still lying down and gently hug them. Relax and rock slightly from side to side while staying on your back.

Reclined twist

From your hugging position, drop your knees slowly to the right while keeping them high and your shoulders on the bed. When they are resting on your bed, place your right hand on your knee, extend your left arm and either face the ceiling or twist your head slightly to the left.

Rest here for a minute or so before slowly repeating the motions to the other side.


Slowly roll over to your side and bring your knees up slightly. Get comfortable and drift off to sleep.