It’s spring, and what better way to celebrate than with a closer look at some in-season detox delights? All these veggies are seasonal right now, so grab them while they’re at their best!


A beautiful vivid colour and sweet flavour all help make beetroot one of the tastiest veggies out there.

This versatile veg can be used in a huge number of ways and you may have seen it linked to detoxification.

Try it raw, used as a salad ingredient, to add a different edge to your leaf-filled healthy living treat.

One thing beetroot is simply bursting with is folic acid, which does things like play a part in the formation of red blood cells in the body. Also in there you’ll find potassium, Vitamin C, Zinc and more.

It’s perhaps appropriate that this veg is close to the colour of love, given that the Romans thought of it as being an aphrodisiac!

Interestingly, in the US you might hear beetroot referred to as a ’beet’.


Another veggie that people use when detoxing, spinach is a great addition to a salad. these leaves are pleasantly soft and have a mild and subtle taste.

Inside you’ll find Vitamin A and Vitamin K and manganese, among other things.

If you don’t like the idea of using spinach in a salad, why not put it in a smoothie? It’s subtle taste will not overpower sweeter flavours from fruits.

But if you’re not tried spinach for a while, we recommend you give these leaves a go, whole and raw, just to see if you like them that way.


Put some fresh, raw watercress into your salad and you’ll be adding a dose of Vitamin C - a vitamin with a range of benefits. It’s also home to vitamin K and vitamin A and contains calcium.

It’s stronger tasting than spinach and will add bit of bite to a salad. Perfect for when you’re after something a little edgier-tasting!