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What is Kelp?
Kelp is a ?sea vegetable" that grows in nearly all the major oceans of the world. There are several varieties of kelp, these include rockweed, laminaria and bladderwrack, the three most common types of sea kelp used in Kelp supplements. Sea kelp comes in liquid and powder forms, but tablets and capsules remain the most popular supplement choice. Kelp has many health benefits and is rich in many vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D which is not that easily found in food sources.

ÿKelp Nutritional Facts
Kelp an excellent source of iodine, and therefore sea kelp can help improve thyroid function, potentially increasing metabolism and energy and reducing weight gain. Kelp is also rich in minerals of the ocean, it contains selenium that can boost the body?s immune system. Kelp also contains large amounts of other minerals and vitamins including calcium, niacin, iron, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Kelp is also a rich protein source, similar to Spirulina it provides a good source of vegetable protein.

The iodine, calcium and other minerals in sea kelp are easily absorbed by the body, aiding in digestion and helping replenish relevant mineral deficiencies. Some experts in the natural healing field believe sea kelp can have additional benefits, including increased immunity and enhanced brain development.

Kelp also contains twenty five vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K which are essential for the overall health of the body.

Kelp more importantly contains a natural vegetable source of vitamin D, which many people are deficient of and which is difficult to find in food sources. The best source of vitamin D is the sunlight and therefore Kelp has become quite valuable in that it provide a natural food source of vitamin D.

Kelp contains sodium-alginate which helps get rid off heavy-metals and radioactive elements from the body. Kelp?s naturally found digestive enzymes that help the body metabolic and digestive systems with absorption. Kelp organic liquid is soothing to a troubled or sensitive digestive system, assisting effectively in curing recurrent gastric bloating and constipation.