Untitled PageAccording to Rick Hay, Fushi?s Nutrition Expert there are steps you can take to help avert a crisis, ?Too many of us wait until SAD symptoms are quite severe before taking action - but if you start in autumn you are strengthening your body’s resilience to the mental and physical stresses of the long cold winter to come.?ÿ

Fushi Wellbeing offers some little tweaks you can do ? starting now ? to put some instant sunshine into your life, build up your immunity and boost energy levels so you?re set to face anything the elements may throw at you.ÿ And don?t forget as the office central heating systems get switched on, stay hydrated and sip small sips of water at room temperature.

A pick of Fushi?s supplements to Fall back on as advised by our expert nutritionist Rick Hay

ÿFushi?s Astragalus & Echinacea Herbal Drink Tonic
A natural herbalÿtonic with Astragalus, Echinacea, elderberry and Ashwaganda that delivers a triple whammy to low immunity, stress overload and low energy levels.ÿÿÿ The perfect tonic to fight viruses, according to research, astragalus encourages the development of bone marrow cells into active natural-born infection killers!ÿÿ Echinacea is well known as a flu fighter, while Ashwaganda, an adaptogenic herb, and tinospora cordifolia are both used in Ayurveda to support the immune system and protect the body from stress.ÿ Elderberry also fights flu and provides antioxidant protection.ÿÿ All it takes is 15 ml daily or 5ml three times daily in four parts water.ÿÿ

Fushi?s Calmaid
As the name suggests, Calmaid is a soothing, relaxing formula that promotes a zen-like feeling to the body without interfering with your ability to function.ÿÿ With essential nutrients inositol and magnesium it promotes mental calm and nourishes the nervous system, particularly in times of stress.ÿÿ Combined with the amino acids L-tryptophan and taurine in each Calmaid capsule, stress relief is optimised and, since stress and anxiety can interfere with the body?s natural body clock, it can upset sleep patterns and, through tiredness, the ability to concentrate and perform at peak levels. Research has also shown that magnesium can act as a muscle relaxant, so it?s useful to help alleviate headaches and migraine. ÿ

Boost your Energy levels for winter
As well as building up the immunity, Rick Hay advises, ?We know the onset of winter can negatively impact mood, the nervous system and immunity, supplementing early is wise on the overall health front.ÿÿ We know that anything you do to boost your energy levels will make you feel invigorated and happier. ÿ

Fushi Engergiplex
Energiplex is a caffeine free alternative to boost energy levels and brings a zing to body and mind.ÿÿ Combining alpha-lipoic acid, L-carnitine and a raft of vitamins that include the B group vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as essential minerals zinc, choline and magnesium. Fushi?s exclusive formula ensures optimum energy levels and is particularly formulated for people with busy and active lifestyles.

ÿFushi Gingko and Ginseng Herbal Drink Tonic
The perfect antidote to SAD, Fushi?s delicious herbal tonic provides a burst of energy, especially when you are feeling low thanks to the weather. Gingko is a great antioxidant and boost to the circulation at the same time it supports the brain?s metabolism of glucose for energy, ginseng improves stamina, is reputed to boost libido and also strengthens the immune system.ÿ ÿBrahmi is another herb widely used in Ayurveda to help balance the chemicals in the brain, increasing both short and long-term memory.ÿ Fushi?s delicious Herbal Tonics can be addedÿÿÿ to your daily water intake, flavouring them and taking away the boring task ofÿÿÿ staying hydrated. And, if even winter doesn?t turn out to be quite so bad and sadÿÿ you?ll be at the peak of health.h.