Take a look out of the window right now. What do you see? Probably not much, given how gloomy it is right now. And you're not alone, because new research shows half of us never see the light of day unless it is on their lunch break.

A survey by Beurer found the nation's office workers are being deprived of sunlight during the winter months because the sun rises so late and sets early in the evening.

This could leave millions of people with a vitamin D deficiency, which could take its toll on their health and strength.

Roberty Slade of Beurer noted that once the clocks go back at the end of October, the dark nights start to take effect.

"If you leave for work relatively early then the chances are your mornings are dark too, which means that if you don't get time outdoors as part of your job then you are likely to see very little daylight at all during the week," he said.

"That in itself can be very depressing and it's inevitable that long dark days will have an effect on our moods."

If you have been feeling sluggish, tired or just a bit down, you could try taking nutritional supplements to bolster your immune system and boost your mood.

Forget the processed fatty foods so high in sugar that they will send your body crashing down half an hour after consumption - think consistent meals throughout the day that will stablise your blood sugar levels and give you the nutritional tools you need to cope with festive stress.

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Posted by Matilda Jones