On the often warm continent of Africa and in several other places in the world, you can find Baobab trees, also called Adansonia - a tree whose fruits are sometimes called monkey bread.

This fruit's seeds, found inside these big pods, are where baobab seed oil is sourced from, and its uses will simply fascinate you.

Hair moisture treat

You may already use a great organic shampoo and a luxurious conditioner to help look after your hair and make sure it looks great.

But one of the great things about Baobab oil is the fact that it can be a treat for hair, too. For a fantastic moisturising session, simply add a little of this smooth oil to hair and smooth through.

Skin sensation

It isn't only hair that can potentially benefit from this natural oil, though. Like a number of similar oils,  it can be used to moisturise skin, too. Take the time to give yourself a gentle massage with this exotic treat and it's sure to bring pleasure to your skin.

What's inside

There's natural goodness within Baobab oil with Vitamin E and Vitamin A just two of the nutrients inside this exotic product. 

Why it's so great

If you're looking for a product that will not block your skin's pores, this oil is for you. You'll also find that the oil is swiftly absorbed which is great when you're using it as a moisturiser. Meanwhile, it's said to help with cell generation and make skin elasticity better.

Other oils

If you're intrigued by the sound of Baobab oil, why not take the time to look into some of the other fantastic oils that are available?

From flax seed oil made from flax seeds to rosehip oil and coconut oil, there is a huge range out there, each different. By taking the time to look into each, you could find the perfect oil for your needs.