Most of us 'mind' what we eat to some extent, as a way of trying to maintain healthy living habits. But are there foods that might be able to help when it comes to keeping your mind well? We look at some food and drink that might be able to help.

Oils and brain food!

What do hemp seed oil and flax seed oil have in common? They both have brain-helping omega-3 essential fatty acid in them. Oily fish is a great way to get to this amazing fatty acid, which might be able to help with depression.

Some fantastic foods which have omega-3 inside include pilchards, salmon and walnuts (which you can easily snack on, or throw on a salad).

Veg and fruit

Help your brain get the right nutrients by getting enough veg and fruit. Most of us know we should five portions a day - try to stick to this, or beat it!

One way to potentially help in upping the amount you're eating is to buy a pack of bananas at the beginning of the week, and eat one when you start to feel hungry at work. That's already one a day each day for five days!

Interestingly, research has linked higher levels of happiness and good mental health with eating seven or more veg and fruit portions per day.

University of Warwick and Dartmouth College researchers looked at British people's diets and showed that mental wellbeing seemed to go up alongside how many portions of veg and fruit people ate per day, peaking at seven portions daily.

“This study has shown surprising results and I have decided it is prudent to eat more fruit and vegetables. I am keen to stay cheery,” commented study co-author the University of Warwick's Professor Andrew Oswald, an economist on the university's website.


Whether bottled, filtered or directly from the tap, one thing's for sure: there's water all around us.

It comes recommended for the health of your brain, and there are a variety of reasons why you should make sure you drink as much of this life-giving liquid as you need - many of which we don't need to explain!