When you’re feeling like nothing is changing in your life, even simple things can help add a twist of variety to proceedings - for example, why not give a new sort of shampoo a go?

We use shampoo so often when we shower or bathe that we can sometimes becomes stuck on the same brand without even realising that it’s not leaving our hair looking quite as lovely as we’d like.

By trying different varieties of shampoo, such as herbal shampoo and organic shampoo options, you could discover a product that is all the more wonderful to use than the current product you’re washing with, whose scent you meet with indifference every morning.

Here are some tips for picking the shampoo that might just be for you.

Feeling irritated?

There’s nothing worse than a itching and irritated scalp. Luckily, here at Fushi, we recommend our wonderful Scalp Soother Herbal Shampoo as being suitable for people with these sorts of scalp conditions.

Being a dazzling herbal cocktail, this luxurious herbal option can be used just as you would use any shampoo, by a process of massaging and rinsing, and counts jasmine, chamomile and bergamot among its wonderful ingredients.

We think this could be for you, if you’re looking for a shampoo that could help soothe an irritated scalp.

Dull hair disaster?

Are you suffering from dull hair? Add some of our Total Repair Herbal Shampoo to the mix and we think you could find things improving.

Featuring fantastic frankincense, amazing avocado oil and sensational sandalwood oil, we’ve recommended this shampoo for damaged and dry hair.

Lacking balance?

If your hair is feeling unbalanced, perhaps Balance Lift Herbal Shampoo, which we think can balance hair in the normal-to-greasy range, could be for you.

Featuring peppermint, witch hazel, bergamot and lime, it’s a fantastic shampoo option, which we recommend for use alongside the conditioner product Stimulate and Balance.