Written by

Sophie Kalinauckas, Yoga professional

Do your leggings stick to you during yoga practice?

Is your top the undoing of your modesty?

Is your t-shirt falling over your face in certain asanas?

It is easy to feel intimidated by the range of clothing options available to yogis, especially if you are a beginner. However, it is important to remember that the purpose of yoga is to relax and mediate. You don’t want to cause yourself any extra stress. The secret to selecting the most suitable yoga wear is to choose clothing which you can forget about during your yoga work-out. Yoga involves a set of movements and breathing techniques which help you to release mental and physical stress and focus on the present moment. It is dedicated to reaching the ultimate goal of peace, bringing the spirit and the body together. The last thing you want is your mind fogging over with concerns about your yoga attire or worrying about feeling uncomfortable. If you are geared up in appropriate yoga gear then you are able to focus on what is important, the yoga itself.

Earthly essentials

Yoga pants are a necessity, especially if you are frequently practicing yoga. They are the most purchased yoga item. Previously, there were only a few styles of yoga pants available which were cotton and medium rise with some basic give. Now there are cherries of choices, which means you can find the best to suit you. You can choose from or trousers which have elastic waists and fit with different body shapes, view product. Some yoga trousers have foldable waists which create an extra degree of comfort view product. Others might feel more comfortable with a capri- style option, which are particularly popular for men. You can also go for pants which hold you in and enhance your strength and even pants which claim to tone you whilst wearing them, bettering your workout session.

The other essential piece of yoga wear is a yoga top. Like pants, there are many designs and options to choose from. When deciding upon a yoga top, you’ll want to consider something which covers you modestly but is not too baggy. You want to avoid items with slack necklines. A popular choice are cotton tank tops or t-shirts which support the torso view products. These are available for both men and women. Girls, the most important item for you is going to be a support or sports bra. Bras which have fastenings, stitching or are patterned can cause a lot of discomfort in yoga positions, particularly if you are lying on your back. A wonderful alternative is the yoga top with a build in bra for extra support view products.

Stylish for Style

Yoga has evolved into a compass of disciplines and methods over the years. Your choice of yoga style will influence your purchases as yoga styles vary from strenuous, relaxing, holding long movements, heated and fast moving. Beginner classes such as Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga are based on coordination of movement and breathing. With these types of yoga, your yoga wear is quite relaxed. You might want to go for something a little looser view product to help you feel more relaxed. Full-length yoga trousers view products are suitable for classes which have less intense movement. A Power Yoga class or Ashtanga yoga are more intense and advanced. These types of practice focus on constant movement and involve more challenging poses. With these types of yoga you’ll want to wear something which is slightly tighter and hugs your figure such as view whole yoga range. Iyengar yoga puts an emphasis on holding poses for long periods of time. It pays attention to balance and stretching. A yoga tank top is a good choice here, as Iyengar requires a lot of arm movement and this means that sleeves won’t distract you. A lightweight sweatshirt may also be useful at the start of your session when movements are less intense, to enhance your body temperature. Bikram yoga or Hot Yoga takes place in heated rooms to induce sweating. With these heated forms of yoga it is advisable to go for clothing options which help to keep you cool, dry and eliminate sweat. A sports bra is essential for Bikram as they help you to cool down view products. You’ll also want to consider cropped yoga pants. Men have the option in Bikram to go topless.

All about you

The most important tip when picking out your yoga garments is to be true to yourself. The beauty of yoga is that it is about getting know yourself better. There are no demands or social pressures to pick out the most fashionable gear, with yoga you are open to wear whatever you feel most comfortable with. New yoga-goers should avoid very loose and slack clothing, pants with a drawstring can cause discomfort when lying down and shorts can also cause problems in difficult upside-down asansas. The yoga term anusara, means to be playful, expecting to laugh and go up-side down, if your attire is getting in the way it defeats this purpose. Make sure you think about your body shape when choosing yoga wear. Yoga consists of a variety of different movements, so your yoga wear needs to allow for easy mobility. Yoga embraces freedom, you want your clothes to let you move freely, with no restrictions. Just like your mind can restrict you in many ways, don’t let your clothing get in the way.

Materials For Movement

There are many different materials available for all different types of yoga wear. The most common fabrics are soft and allow for maximum stretching. Breathable materials such as view products are a wise choice. You also want a material that does not rub against you or irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin,. Most yoga clothing absorbs moisture from the skin, which keeps it dry and cool in your practices. For those eco-friendly yogis there are organic cotton or bamboo alternatives. There are also tops and pants which are made from thicker or thinner fabrics view products. This might be determined by the type of yoga you are practicing or temperature might also be a thought priority depending on the time of year. A zipped hoody can be useful for warms ups and cools downs, to maintain the right body temperature you feel comfortable with.

Fit you personality

Kelly Hoppen Sweatshirt with Raw EdgesDon’t forget about your own personality. This is an important element in your clothing selection. There are many colour choices on offer. Some yogis might want to opt for light and natural colours to match with yoga’s natural and earthly environment. However, for those wanting to make their own stylish statement you can choose yoga wear with various designs and brighter colours such as During those frosty mornings your yoga outfit may not be keeping you warm on the yoga commute or after your cool-down. It might be useful to invest in a long sleeved yoga top view products or layer your clothing to maintain warmth. One option it to buy a yoga shawl, this is an efficient option as it prevents you getting cold but it can also act as a blanket in your yoga relaxation techniques. Bear in mind that you can also keep things professional. If you’re heading straight, to or from the office you may not have the space or time to change your clothing. What’s great is that some yoga pants can be disguised or can blend in as office wear for women. You can also wear your yoga trousers on a trip to the shops or the school pick-up.

Accessorise your asanas.

Once you have your essentials taken care of, you can pick out some extra accessories. Yoga can be practised with both socks or with bare feet. There are now a range of yoga socks on offer in many different designs. You can choose from traning socks, these are ankle high and have a high moisture absorption capacity, making them a necessary complement to your fitness and yoga wardrobe. Certain socks also come with the anti-slip soles that are perfect for those awkward yoga asanas for which you need more grip.

Other very useful yoga props are the yoga block which helps especially with stretches and postures where you need that extra support and height. The yoga bolster also helps with your yoga practise as it provides structural support for every move you make. Both yoga bolsters and blocks are designed to help with the more difficult postures where you may need some cushioning, support and balance.

Take your time in picking your yoga gear and search for the best yoga-suit for you. You’ll soon be looking fab, relaxed and on the road to tranquillity.