They're some of the biggest reality stars out there, so it's really no surprise that we all want to know what's happening with the Kardashians siblings, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney on an almost daily basis!

And because all three of them are so gorgeous, any insight they provide into how they maintain their stunning looks is lapped up by fans.

Beautiful 29-year-old Khloe, for example, has declared her use of coconut-oil in the past, which caught the interest of large numbers of people online.

Yes, it seems that Khole, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, is a fan of this versatile product!

Several months ago, the striking star took to social media to discuss this sensational product, which is made from coconuts.

As you would expect from such a well-known celebrity, Khloe has a massive social media following. Both her Twitter and Instagram feed attract huge numbers of visitors.And her audience on both saw her November 27th recommendation for the oil.

Explaining her use of this beauty option, the celeb, who hosted the US X Factor last year, said she'd massaged it into her scalp over a period of several months.

"Word my hair is [so] much softer and thicker. Who knew?! Send me more simple tricks peps!" the presenter wrote.

It seems that fellow Instagram user Sheiva Ghasemzadeh (@sheiva_g), who knows the Kardashians, recommended Khloe use the product in this way.

I'm sure we've all recommended beauty advice and beauty products to people we know in the past!

Anyway, it seems people were very interested in Khloe's comment about this oil, because it received over 2,000 comments on Instagram! Not only that, but 150 people have so far re-tweeted her post on Twitter about the oil.

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