During pregnancy there are a lot of new experiences for the body and the mind to adapt to, from accommodating mood swings, food cravings and not to mention the rapidly expanding waistline.

Pregnancy can bring with it higher levels of stress than you're used to, which could trigger different types of management techniques.

Newborns whose mothers are under stress during their first trimester of pregnancy could be at risk of low iron levels, a study presented to the Paediatric Academy Societies claims.

Researchers from the Ashkelon Academic College and Barzilai Medical Center's discovery suggested that this low iron could lead to physical and mental delays further down the line, meaning that extreme stress could be bad for both mum and baby.

While she agrees that pregnancy can certainly be a stressful time, fertility and pregnancy expert Emma Canon argues "it is also a time of great joy and it is important to not let the stress take over".

Ms Canon described pregnancy as a great opportunity to take stock of your health, which is something that should be viewed "in a positive light".

Relaxation techniques such as "lying down and focusing on the baby" are recommended to help you to tune into your body and the baby's needs.

Complementary therapies are also a good way to assist expectant mums in de-stressing, the pregnancy expert went on to advise.

"I think massage and reflexology and acupuncture are all brilliant ways to help support the pregnant body," she commented.

Whether asking someone else to massage you or giving yourself a foot rub, herbal oils can help to alleviate stress using their fragrant natural aromas, as well as helping to moisturise the skin.

Acupuncture by a trained professional is also something Ms Canon claims has shown positive results in pregnant women, though it is best to try this out for yourself to see if it works for you.

Posted by Matilda Jones