If you're looking for a new oil to try for your skin that contains antioxidants, there are several that you could choose from.

One of your options when it comes to this sort of oil is Yangu oil, which could be a great choice.

With an eye-catching brown colour, this oil is suitable not only for the skin, but also for the hair, making it wonderfully versatile and a potentially fantastic addition to your collection of natural beauty products.

There are essential fatty acids hiding in this oil's translucent depths and when it comes to skin you could find it great for moisturising.

As with any natural beauty product, people will want to know where Yangu seed oil comes from - and like a lot of natural oils its roots, so to speak, can be found in a particular type of tree.

That tree is the Cape Chestnut tree - its name the reason that you may find Yangu oil referred to as Cape Chestnut oil sometimes - which has truly eye catching flowers.

Yangu oil is created when this tree's seeds are pressed - as with other types of oils you may already know about or use on a daily basis. You can find these trees in Africa.

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