The in-between period of seasons is one of the most trying for our skin.

Going from hot to cold (or luke-warm to freezing, in our case) dries out the skin - leaving it red, irritated and itchy.

Often shop-bought, non-organic products are full of preservatives that can actually irritate our skin more, not to mention costing a lot in the run up to Christmas.

Try this DIY moisturiser recipe to say adios to woeful winter skin.


3 teaspoons of beeswax oil
3/4 of a cup of oil (almond, avocado, or coconut are great because of their moisture-rich qualities)
1 cup water, rosewater, or herbal tea - make sure it’s room temperature though
Optional - a few drops of essential oil. (This could be vanilla extract)


1. Grate the beeswax into a container. This can be done simply with the smallest section on your cheese grater. Make sure that the container is made from pyrex, or another type of glass that can be put in a pan and heated.

2. Empty your chosen oil on top of the beeswax. There’s no harm in combining the oils to get a multitude of benefits. Avocado oil is particularly good for really dry skin as it contains collagen which will improve the elasticity of your skin.

Coconut oil has high levels of fatty acids so it should leave your skin smooth and supple.

3. Pour water into your pyrex and place that into a pan of water. Place the pan on the heat and leave until the water boils and the beeswax disappears. Leave to stand for two minutes.

4. Put your water into a blender, and blend very, very slowly - adding the original mixture bit by bit.

5. Blend in your essential oil if you have chosen to use one.

6. Transfer the lotion into clean jars, and enjoy your eco-friendly DIY moisturiser.

If you dress up your jars, these moisturisers could make beautiful and personal Christmas presents.

Posted by Matilda Jones