We've all had bad hair days, but unlike celebrities, if our tresses are giving us grief we can at least put on a hat and get on with things.

But it seems Jessie J could be in need of hair loss treatment as her love of quirky beauty looks is leading her locks to split and fall out.

The Price Tag singer told US Glamour magazine that she is using artificial hair to ensure her natural barnet recovers from all the products and styling tools she uses to make it look glossy and poker straight.

"A hairdresser who did my hair said, 'You, my darling, have something that we call successful hair', which is basically battered hair that's split and falling out in the back because you've had to blow-dry it every day," she told the publication.

"It's so tough to explain to people. When you have half an hour to be ready at four o'clock in the morning, you don't have time to get up and glue in extensions or blow-dry your hair.

"I don't want my hair falling out, so I wear wigs!"

Overuse of heated styling tools like straighteners, curling tongs and hairdryers can lead to hair damage, which often involves breakage, frizziness and split ends. If you like the effects such styling tools give but want to maintain your hair's health, try using herbal oils to strengthen tresses.

Argan oil is known for its restorative properties and can be used to boost vitality when applied to the roots and tips once or twice a week - or more often if your tresses need it.

Lavender oil is another product that's great for the scalp. It promotes hair growth and heals itchy or damaged skin on the head, while peppermint oil is known to stimulate blood circulation and can help replace dry, damaged hair.

Posted by Laura Andrews