These days, we all know that working life can be incredibly stressful. Some of us are lucky enough to have jobs that rarely make us feel stressed. Others may experience work-based stress more often.

There are a large number of factors that can contribute to feeling this way, and when you're under pressure it's easy to find yourself becoming more and more stressed.

In January, the British Heart Foundation reported that close to half of workers get stressed daily in the workplace, according to its research.

Breathing deeply can be is a great skill for helping to tackle stressful feelings. To try this technique, keep breathing regularly as well as slowly.

Before you start, you could loosen your clothes if they are tight. It's best to feel as comfortable as possible.

You can also put a hand on the part of the stomach that's a little under the navel. Breathe in a way that makes this part of the belly rise and go down again.

It might be best to leave the desk to do this, and find a quiet space if possible. Though not ideal, a toilet cubicle might at least be quiet and stop you people interrupting you, for example. A quick trip to your car could achieve the same effect.

It's important to deal with the things that are making you stressed: If you feel you have too much work to do, for example, asking someone for help, such as a manager, could really improve the situation.

If a personal issue is creating extra stress at work, consider telling your manager about this too. They may be able to arrange things so that you have less to do for a period, and help tackle you stressful feelings that way.


Asked about exercising while at a desk 'the stress doctor' Terri Bodell said in 2011: "One way to manage stress is by doing stretching. Technically speaking, stretching helps reduce stress by restoring healthy blood circulation in your body, keeping energy levels up and muscle tension down." She suggested that stretching would increase comfort and release tension.

Of course if you are going to be trying any stretching exercises, you should seek expert advice about how to do these, to make sure you're going about them in the best way and won't end up hurting yourself.

Don't suffer in silence!

If you find yourself feeling stressed a lot, it could have health implications. There's no need to suffer in silence, and you should do something about the situation.

Talking to a colleague, giving yourself time away from work (either simply through being sure you have your lunch break or by booking a holiday) could make a difference.

If things are looking bad, don't wait: Visit your GP and talk to them about how you feel. This is a healthy living tip that can help in any number of situations, of course! 

If your work is causing you much more stress than your colleagues, it could be a sign that it isn't the job for you. You won't have failed in anything if you move on to somewhere else, that fits your needs better. It could make your life much happier.