Back pain is a common problem as people get older and persistent discomfort can hinder quality of life.

If this happens, it is important that you know how to tackle the condition.

Luckily there are three simple steps you can take to ensure your back returns to normal as soon as possible.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when their back starts to hurt is to stop moving altogether. This isn't helpful, as it causes muscles to stiffen and seize up, making the condition even worse than when it started.

Therefore, you should always try to do some gentle exercises to loosen up your back and yoga is a great place to start.

A recent study at the University of York has shown that specialised group yoga classes can improve outcomes for patients with back problems.

Chief investigator Dr David Torgerson commented: "Back pain represents a significant burden to the NHS in the UK and to society as a whole. As well as the associated health care costs, it is also a major cause of work absenteeism, which leads to a productivity loss to society."

Yoga is a great, gentle exercise, which also promotes positive wellbeing and reduces stress. This will ensure that your body is back in working order as soon as possible.


Yoga goes hand in hand with relaxation and if you have back pain it is vital that you loosen your muscles. The more you worry, the more likely you are to build up tension in your back.

Even though you may be in pain, try to stay positive and take time each day to unwind. This may mean having a warm bath filled with relaxing lavender oils, or simply having some fun with friends.

Hot and cold

Hot and cold treatments can help to ease back pain and many people choose to put a warm water bottle against the effective area to relax the muscles. Ice packs are also thought to bring relief, taking down any inflammation. However, it is important to wrap up the pack and bottle, as you shouldn't apply a hot or cold item directly to the skin.

Posted by Freya Harper