Looking young isn't all about expensive products and hours spent at salons.

In fact, keeping wrinkles at bay could be as easy as treating yourself to an anti-ageing face massage, something that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Not only is it relaxing, but massaging the muscles in your face works just like any other muscles in your body - in that it strengthens them, making them firm.

Keeping facial muscles strong is important, as it ensures that the skin over them does not sag.

In addition, facial massage stimulates vital blood flow to the face, which brings back youth, vivacity and brightness to the skin.

Not everyone is blessed with the time or money that is required for weekly trips to the salon and thankfully, these trips are not necessary.

Indeed, anti-ageing face massage can be done at home.

Select an oil

First things first, select a lightweight oil to massage into your skin.

According to Tope Beesley, owner of Mahogany Naturals, oils high in vitamin E or sweet almond oil are great at significantly reducing skin blemishes.

Argan, grape seed and sesame oil are also good for the skin as they are not too heavy. Thick oils could clog up the skin and cause spots or blemishes.


Make sure that your face is completely free of make up - exfoliate for the cleanest face possible.

Apply a generous amount of your chosen oil to your hands.

Use only two fingers - the middle and the ring finger - to massage your face. Run your fingers in a circular like motion in strokes towards and away from the cheek bones.

If you get fine lines around your eyes, use just your ring finger around this area and be gentler.

Another tip for your forehead is to use the back of your hand, and roll your hand, as if opening and closing.

To relieve pressure on your forehead and sinus area, use the pads of your index and middle finger and press down firmly.

Posted by Freya Harper