With Christmas just around the corner, it seems that the festive preparations are never ending.

There are decorations to be bought, presents to be wrapped and mountains of food to be prepared.

In fact, the average woman spends 51 hours just getting everything ready for Christmas - a tiring feat indeed!

A lot of us need a little energy boost around Christmas to ensure that everything that needs doing gets done. These enhancements shouldn't always come from caffeine or other traditional energy boosting supplements.

Some herbs contain excellent energy boosting properties that will give you the oomph you need this Christmas.


For more than 2,000 years ginseng has been used as a fatigue fighter owing to its ability to de-stress people.

Ginseng is referred to as an adaptogen - a substance which enhances the body's ability to resist a stressor.

According to specialists, it is the daily stresses of life that cause exhaustion. Therefore, ginseng can be used to restore equilibrium throughout the body - fighting away the negative emotions caused by stress that can often tire us out and instead boosting our energy.

It is also thought that ginseng relaxes blood vessels - maximising oxygen delivery to cells throughout the body and giving us a real lively boost.


The astragalus menbranaceus root, a member of the vetch family, is known world round for being an energy enhancing herb.

Research revealed that the root is so good at giving people that get-up-and-go that they so frequently need because of its ability to rejuvenate cells in the body.

Apparently a substance called telomerase, which is present in astragalus, prevents DNA strands from collapsing and dying.

"In other words, astragalus helps maintain vitality and life itself in the cells," claims Letha Hadady, writer of Asian Health Secrets.

Other herbs thought to give you that all important vigour this Christmas include yellow dock, alfalfa, black walnut and licorice.

Posted by Matilda Jones