Are you looking to get your core muscles going? Then an exercise ball could be for you!

These popular and versatile workout tools are said to be good at helping you to work on your core muscles.

There are a variety of exercises that can be tackled using an exercise ball, which target different parts of your body as part of your healthy living routine.

Fun to use, and available in different colours, exercise balls could be a great addition to your exercise menu, allowing you to carry out certain yoga exercises, for example.

Amazing abs!

If it's your abs - abdominal muscles - you want to develop, so that you'll have stronger muscles in this part of your body, an exercise ball could help.

There are a variety of exercises you can try which are designed to help with this area of the body.

They can help with definition, playing a part in creating what some would consider a more attractive belly. At this time of year, which sees many of us displaying our skin on the beach, this idea can be particularly desirable!

Fantastic Fushi options

Exercise balls are just some of the fantastic yoga equipment options available here at Fushi (other examples include yoga mats and yoga bags). Currently we sell two yoga balls, each a different size but both made by Dragonfly.

The slightly lower priced option is a 65CM ball which is bust-resistant and made from vinyl. It comes with a pump, too. Another ball, which costs only slightly more, has all these features but a larger size of 75CM.

One great thing about these balls is that in the unlikely event of a puncture, they deflate at a slow speed, helping to prevent injury.

Practical measures

Be sure to find and follow the right advice when you're going to be using an exercise ball: Expert classes are a good way to ensure you're doing things in a way that will avoid injury, so we'd recommend you start your exercise ball experience by attending one, so you get the low-down on this fantastic workout option!