When it comes to boosting your energy levels to help you get through the last of winter, there are a number of things that you can do. 

Changing your foods, getting more exercise and trying to get out in the sun for a few extra minutes a day can help to make you feel rejuvenated, which can improve your mood. However, you might also find that supplements can help give you a bit more vigour.

There are several natural supplements that can help you feel more alert and refreshed as you wait for spring to finally arrive. Ashwagandha could be especially beneficial, as it is known for its restorative benefits.

A herb originating in India, ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years due to the fact that it can be as beneficial for the relief of stress as modern day medicines aimed at easing anxiety and depression. It can help you get a restful night’s sleep - beneficial to those that find they get stressed and tired due to insomnia - and to relax during the day.

Ashwagandha is often called ’Indian ginseng’ as it works in much the same way as ginseng, in that it can work to improve the immune system and get you back on your feet after suffering an illness. 

It has incredibly rejuvenating properties that are very similar to ginseng, although the two plants are not related. Because the two natural supplements complement each other so well, you can benefit from taking a supplement that is produced from both of them.

Over 200 studies have been performed that look at the benefits of ashwagandha, revealing that the herb has astounding benefits, which could improve your health when taken on a daily basis. 

It has been found to aid memory and reaction time, making it perfect for those that are studying, drive for a living or generally just struggle to get up and go in the mornings. It also stabilises blood sugar levels, ensuring that you don’t suffer from spikes of energy that are followed by tiredness and lethargy.

In terms of helping with stress, it can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety without causing any drowsiness. Leaving you feeling all together calmer and ready for whatever the day might bring.

On a more biological level, ashwagandha works as an anti-inflammatory and also reduces the degeneration of brain cells, both of which are linked to a number of problems in terms of overall health.

You can take ashwagandha as a supplement, either on its own or as a mixed supplement with other natural products - such as ginseng. It is also available in powdered form, which can be drunk before bed to allow for a restful night’s sleep. 

It is important to remember, as with any natural supplement or medical product, not to take more than the recommended daily dose. While ashwagandha is safe to take everyday, overdoing it could have adverse effects, just as with any other supplement. It is also recommended that you don’t take ashwagandha supplements, or other natural supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding unless otherwise advised by your doctor.