More and more mothers have begun to use Fennel Water as a herbal remedy to ease colic babies.

Colic is a common occurrence that usually affects babies in the first few weeks of their lives, but can go on for about four or possibly five months. It can affect as many as 30% of newborns, and is characterised be excessive and prolonged crying, as well as the baby may clench its fists, hold its body rigid and may wear an expression of total discomfort. The cause of colic is not known, but abdominal discomfort is believed to contribute to this condition.

Commonly experienced symptoms of a Colic baby are:-

  • Intensity of crying. Your baby’s face is red and flushed, the crying is intense and furious, and there is little or nothing you can do to comfort them.
  • Body posture.ÿYour baby may clench their fists, draw up their knees, or arch their back.
  • Symptoms occur around the same time each day or night, often after meal times, and usually ending as abruptly as they began
  • Shows signs of gas discomfort and abdominal bloating
  • Experiences frequent sleeplessness, irritability and fussiness

Herbal medicines have been known to treat Colicky babies, especially to calm and reduce gas in the digestive tract.ÿ Fennel, Licorice, Lemon Balm, Chamomile are all herbs that have shown to produce some effectiveness in relieving the colic symptoms. Studies show that small quantities of herbs such as Fennel can safely and effectively relieve colic symptoms in babies.

Fennel Seed has become most popular herbal remedy for colic babies and is often used to help relieve colic symptoms by many mothers. It is recommended as a home remedy, as it is completely natural. Fennel water can be made usually by soaking some Fennel seeds in water, about a small teaspoon or so, in about a mug of hot water and left overnight. Alternatively you can buy ready made Fennel water such as Fushi’s organic Fennel water that is ready for immediate use for the baby.

Usually dosage depends on the age of the baby, but Fushi’s organic Fennel water recommends between 1 to 5 drops in a feeding bottle to help ease colic and digestive upset.

Massage is also known to help with easing Colic conditions, if particularly the colic is has been caused byÿ gas formation. A very gentle tummy massage can be beneficial, but take care to follow the right instructions, be gentle and follow circular motion around the navel. This may help in the release of gas and the baby may feel more comfortable. And of course burping after every meal is most beneficial as it helps to reduce the amount of air the baby is taking in.