With winter more than on its way, the common cold is a problem that will be plaguing huge numbers of us in the next couple of months.

Dosing up on medication from the chemist can leave you feeling tired, numb and not quite yourself.

There's not always need to reach for pills and syrups, as there are a lot of homoeopathic remedies available that will have you fit and healthy in no time.

Warm soup or tea

This traditional method is a classic for a reason.

Having a herbal tea of drink not only soothes your throat - making breathing and coughing easier - it loosens your windpipe where a lot of the congestion is caused.

The only important thing is that your drink is hot, as the steam and temperature are the parts that take away the pain.

These drinks are great if you're trying to fight the illness on the go. You can have a flask of tea on your desk at work, on the train with you or by your bed at home.


So many people feel self indulgent if they take time off work for a cold, but the truth is, you do need to rest.

The body does most of its healing when you're asleep or resting, so to make a speedy recovery - rest is completely necessary.

In addition, staying at home means that you don't run the risk of spreading your illness onto your work colleagues or friends.

Sleep with an extra pillow under your head

This may sound bizarre, but sleeping with your head further up has been proven to help with the drainage of the nasal passages.

Many people find themselves waking up in the night with a cold - either coughing or finding it difficult to breathe. An extra pillow should help remedy this.

If the angle is unsettling for you, try popping the pillow between the mattress and the springs. This gives a more gradual slope.

Posted by Freya Harper