It is almost the season of giving and receiving. Rather than choosing to buy the ones you love trinkets or toys, why not give them the gift of natural beauty products this winter?

Everyone appreciates being pampered once in a while and giving a stunning gift filled with beautiful oils and products ensures that they get to treat themselves over the coming months. Whether it's hair care, skin care or essential oils for relaxing their mind, natural cosmetics are a great choice for those that you want to show how much you care.

Stocking fillers

You might be worried that someone won't use a cosmetic gift you give them this Christmas. Perhaps you aren't sure what they like or they don't really have the time for long pamper sessions. This doesn't mean that you can't get them a beautiful little gift they can enjoy; simply choose something that is great for everyone and they are sure to appreciate it.

Lip care or hand care are great little gifts for those you aren't sure about. They show that you are still concerned with helping them care for their skin and health, but are also practical without being time consuming.

They are also good little items for this time of year when your hands and lips tend to suffer in the colder temperatures and wetter weather. This means that there is a high chance the person you give them to use them. You never know, this introduction to natural cosmetics could encourage them to try more products and take time to pamper themselves every once in a while.

A caring present

If you aren't sure what type of present to get someone, but want to dig a little deeper into your bank account, treat them with natural oils. 

Oils are a fantastic product for everyone to use, no matter what skin or hair type they have. Putting together a selection of different oils or choosing a pre-packed gift that contains a good selection of different oil types is sure to show someone you care.

A great oil to choose is rosehip, which is brilliant for moisturising and cleansing the skin. It is high in vitamin E, which helps to fight free radicals on the skin, remove impurities and fight the signs of ageing.

You can also include an oil that is fantastic for the hair, such as Moroccan argan oil, which provides deep levels of moisture, smoothes the hair and adds a great shine. 

Whatever oils you choose to give this Christmas, they are sure to be appreciated and to fit nicely into a person's skin and hair care routines.

Spoil them rotten  

We all have a particular person that deserves an extra special gift and choosing a full selection of skincare, hair care, health and wellbeing natural products is the ultimate way to show them how much you care.

To make sure all their needs are met, why not include candles, essential oils and body brushes alongside a good range of different beauty items? This will ensure the one you love has everything they could possibly need for everyday use and for those times when they want to take some extra time to pamper themselves.