Summertime’s glorious days have really brightened up life here in the UK. It’s such a fantastic time of year, when you really feel like trying new things. And what better way to try something new than to add the fun of smoothie making to your healthy living routine?

A fun way to get some nutrient goodness into your system, smoothies are huge in the popularity stakes. And they can combine tongue-tingling flavours with health-benefiting nutrients, all in a single glass!

Here’s a sensational selection of tips that you can use when making smoothies this summer, to help you make the most of this refreshing hobby.

Cool times

It’s hot out, so you’ll want your smoothie to be super-cool, for a refreshing chill-kick, great for an afternoon in the garden.

Ice will work, but will dilute your smoothie. That could be a good thing, as adding ice to your smoothie will mean you take in more water when you drink it, which will help hydrate you. As we all know, drinking water is often recommended when it comes to maintaining great skin, too!

But if you don’t want to dilute your fruit, but still want that icy kick, the answer is simple. Put frozen fruits in your smoothie!

Breakfast is a great time for a smoothie

Especially in the working week, breakfast is a fantastic time to get some tasty smoothie into your system. You’re not likely to be able to make a fresh smoothie at work, after all. And you’ll really appreciate the fruit and veg goodness of your smoothie before you go to work. It’ll start you off well on your quest for five a day, before you even hit the office.

You can boost a smoothie with a blend

Looking to give your smoothie a boost? Superfood blends could be an option. Try out great Best Superfood Green Blend, for example. With apple pectin and apple powder, there’s a host of superfood in this vitamin boosting blend.

If you’re looking for added zinc, Vitamin B 12 and the much discussed Vitamin C, this is the powder for you. Spinach, Wheatgrass and barley grass are just three of the great ingredients in this brilliant powder package.

Outstanding oats

You might think of oats as something to bake into flapjacks or make into porridge, and of course these are both fun ways to use these grains. But when it comes to getting a dose of oats, a smoothie is another option for getting this mineral-rich food into your system. They will also help to fill you up.   

Mix it up

Looking for variety in your life? Aren’t we all! And when it comes to smoothies, things are no different.

You might alight on a single recipe you really love, and use this over and over. But the internet and cook books are full of options these days and you’re likely to take in the widest variety of health-giving nutrients by mixing things up. Choose a different kind of smoothie to have every day, and you’re less likely to get bored of having the same thing all the time, too!