Everyone knows that they should be getting their daily dose of fruit and veg, but how many of us actually know why? Here's your run-down about why its good to get fruity.

1) Immunity

Because fruit is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, it makes our bodies really good at fighting illnesses. As well as equipping our insides to fight common illnesses like a cold, some experts believe that fruit helps protect us from more serious threats.

"We have known for some time that a healthy diet is important in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and other circulatory problems," says Linda Main, dietetic advisor for HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity. Munching an apple is a pretty sweet alternative to being ill, we reckon.

2) Skin glow

Eating your recommended dosage of fruit can do wonders for your skin, hair and nails.

Having five-a-day is a small price to pay for looking beautiful we think, so be sure to whack a 'nana in your bag and watch the compliments flood in.

3) Keeping trim

All fruits are jam-packed with fibre - the substance that keeps us feeling fuller for longer. And if we're full of fruit then we're less likely to snack on things that can make us put on weight!

Fruits don't contain 'bad' fats, so we can have as much as we want without worrying about piling on the pounds. But even when you do hit the gym, certain fruits - like bananas - give us loads of energy, so you can just keep going and going.

4) Vision

Your parents may have told you when you were small that eating carrots can help you see in the dark. Well, that might not be strictly true, but there is some scientific basis to their theory!

Vitamins A, C and E, which can be found in fruits like oranges and lemons, can help us see better in dim light. If we don't have these vitamins in our body, you could be more likely to stub your toe on the doorframe on your way to the loo during the night. Never good.

5) Staying alert.

Fruit is the perfect snack, because it helps us to stay awake and on the ball much longer. Other less healthy snacks may give you an energy boost, but you'll only crash an hour or so later.

Try a mango for day-long oomph when you need to really work those brain cells.

Posted by Freya Harper