By Jade Ellis

Keep your skin looking fresh and glowing all season long!


Our organic, golden Jojoba oil is one which is the most similar to our skins natural sebum (it is technically a wax!) Due to this it is the most easily absorbed oil. It is also highly nutritious for the skin, and contains minerals such as zinc, copper, vitamins B and E, which all help to strengthen and support the skin. This oil is extremely moisturising and nourishing, which is what we all need in the upcoming winter months!


The lovely Rosehip seed oil is one which is renowned for its incredible moisturising effects for the skin. This oil is a powerful antioxidant which is so beneficial at protecting the skin from damage. Rosehip oil is high in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, and omega’s which are wonderful for skin. Our organic Rosehip is sourced from the best possible region, a small scale farm in the mountains of Ukraine. Try this oil and feel yourself glowing for the party season ahead!


Our Avocado oil is perfect for protecting the skin in the winter weather and providing the moisture our skin needs. This oil is easily the most hydrating of oils, as it penetrates the inner layers of the skin deeply. It increases the elasticity of the skin as it contains collagen supporting amino acids and proteins! Using this oil in your will transform your skin and give you a bright, replenished complexion for the winter months ahead!


This oil is packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants and flavonoids, essential for skin health. Pomegranate oil is known to deeply nourish the outer epidermal layer of the skin and is an effective anti-aging oil, promotes skin elasticity, and refreshes tired, dull skin. By adding this oil to your beauty regime, you will boost and tone your skin, and in turn create a lovely outer glow.


Last, but not least, this amazing oil is well-known for its abilities to be a multipurpose oil and to be beneficial in a number of ways. As well as being a lovely oil to cook with, it has the properties to nourish and soothe the skin. A good quality Coconut oil is so important, which is why we source ours from Sri Lanka, and we use the fresh, cold pressing method. It is a wonderful moisturiser for the winter months due to its natural emollient qualities, and is perfect for achieving glowy, dewy skin!

These are our five top beauty tips for looking and feeling great this Winter – and providing your skin with the ultimate GLOW!