Yoga has been providing “a new outlook” for players at football club Dundee United, according to midfielder John Rankin.

Speaking to the Daily Record recently, the football star said that the activity had been helping certain players, and that he hoped it would mean he could participate in the sport for longer.

“The yoga is helping some players – but I don’t know about the older ones,” he said.

Though he said yoga had been tricky initially, because it involved putting the body into positions that it isn’t used to, he added: “once we do that and get our muscles moving more, it will be fine.”

The sports star explained that it was manager Jackie McNamara's idea to introduce yoga for players, adding: “It is working”.

Though some players were experiencing stiffness he said, the activity was “a new outlook on how we’re going to get more out of our bodies”.

He did admit to experiencing “aches and pains” as a result of the fact that the activity asked new things from his body, but added “it’s been a good laugh as well”. It’s apparently been an excuse for some good banter between players!

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