One of the best natural beauty products out there, organic coconut oil is linked to all manner of brilliant benefits.

Whether you're a regular user, you're thinking about becoming part of the coconut oil trend or you've never even heard of this exciting oil (okay, we know that's unlikely!), you still might not know about all the things that make this oil so brilliant.

Since we're such fans of this tantalising treat for the body, we thought we'd give you the low-down on just a handful.

Its a magnificent moisturiser

For dry skin, coconut oil could be the help you've been looking for. Luxurious to use, it works fantastically when made part of your moisturising routine.

Here's a special tip for coconut oil use, too. When you need to relax, stretch out and let your other half massage you with its thick, moisturising goodness for a fantastic de-stressing experience that will have the added benefit of bringing a great feeling of softness to your skin!

You can use it on hair!

Even if you've been moisturising your body with this amazing oil, you might not realised that it can be used on hair, too! If you're looking for something to give you great conditioning results, search no further than this gorgeous product, which is a pleasure to use on hair.

Not only your hair but your scalp can benefit from this brilliant gift from the natural world. It can even help bust dandruff!

It's actually edible!

You wouldn't want to eat every sort of beauty product you use on your hair, but you can eat natural coconut oil! It's even thought that this tasty treat can help when it comes to weight control.

It could be a cooking friend

Not only edible raw, it's possible to cook things using this brilliant product, and it's praiseworthy for its high smoking temperature, which could help it come in extra use!