This morning it's a good bet we all did some of the same things, whether it was having a shower, getting dressed, taking care of our morning natural beauty products routines and, oh yes, munching some breakfast!

It's a sad fact, though, that some of us miss this early dose of nutrients, even though we're often reminded not to.

And recently breakfast hit the headlines when it was discovered in research that breakfast-skipping men, who regularly didn't eat their morning meal, had more chance of dying from coronary heart disease or having a heart attack.

In the study, featured in Circulation, the journal from the American Heart Association, non-breakfast eaters were found to be younger than breakfast eaters, had a higher chance of smoking, not being married, being employed in full-time work, drinking more and not being as active physically.

Expert Leah E. Cahill, Ph.D, who led the study, called on people not to be breakfast skippers, saying having this meal was linked to lower heart attack risk.

Having lots of different sorts of healthy food in the meal was a simple way to be sure it was giving the right amount of energy and a healthy nutrient balance, she said.

"For example, adding nuts and chopped fruit to a bowl of whole grain cereal or steel-cut oatmeal in the morning is a great way to start the day," she said.

Breakfast boosters

If you're finding yourself avoiding breakfast, maybe you just haven't found a breakfast option that excited you yet?

Swapping between meals from one day to the next will help you feel like you're not getting bored of your breakfast food. Why not try adding some of these four fantastic fast-breakers to your breakfast routine? They're full of brilliant benefits!

Gorgeous grapefruit

A Vitamin C rich wonder, pink grapefruit may be something of an acquired taste, but once you've got that taste, you'll likely love it! The brilliant thing about this breakfast booster is that it can be eaten in a laid back weekend breakfast, with a knife and spoon, or whizzed into a nutrient-filled juice on weekend mornings, to speed things up!

Why not go for Walnuts?

Add walnuts to a breakfast and you're adding several fantastic nutrients. They're known for their Vitamin B6, as well as their Iron and Magnesium, and when bought halved and ready to eat take little time to much in the morning!

Brilliant banana

Another source of Vitamin B-6, Banan also contains Vitamin C and fibre. If you really do have to eat on the train, these portable snacks could be the perfect stop-gap before getting something more substantial when you reach the office.

Smoothie does it

A smoothie is such a good option in the morning, not least because it's not tricky to make but also very quick to drink, and can complement other breakfast items well.

Why not add a great boost to your favourite smoothie with the addition of our special 'Best Superfood Berry Blend'? It's an antioxidant-rich combination of superfood berries and other exciting ingredients which can be used on cereal or in juice as well as in smoothies, making it a brilliant breakfast option!