yoga day 2019

What was the inspiration for starting Asquith?

I founded Asquith in 2002, when there was little available in sportswear area that wasn’t made from synthetic fabrics and in brash colours with big logo’s. I wanted to combine my love of natural fabrics and design with two other passions: yoga and Pilates. From the very beginning it was crucial to me that our activewear was ethically made in the best quality, eco-friendly fabrics that were as soft as they were hardwearing. And they had to be comfortable and flattering too.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from starting a business?

Go with your gut. It’s an amazing journey. It doesn’t go the way you expect it to. I’ve met all my wonderful Asquith Team from talking to people and word of mouth. I’ve gone with my gut on who I work with and also with Design. If it doesn’t sit right with me, it’s because it isn’t.

What has been the highlights of Asquith to date?

So many highlights over the last 17 years!

Each season when I design and launch a new collection and shoot it on a beautiful model with an amazing team and get to see the results…that’s a highlight. We just shot SS20 in New York, that
was a pinch me moment. Our new website which has just Launched.Hosting our first Asquith Eco Summit this year and inviting great journalists and Influencers to attend. Launching in America.

If you were to describe your job in 3 words what would they be?

Creative. Fulfilling. Varied.

What do you love most about your job?

The people and the creativity. And making so many women happy by making them feel good and beautiful in Asquith. We receive a lot of emails and letters…that’s wonderful.

How do your pieces differentiate from your competitors?

I design pieces to flatter your body and comfort is our cornerstone. We make all of our clothing using ethical fabrics, bamboo and Bambor®, our trademarked performance fabric, which is a blend of bamboo, organic cotton and a small amount of Elastane. I design the collections to be multi-functional; for the studio but also versatile enough for travel, wearing at home, on holiday. And they’re designed to feel amazing against your skin. And we also manufacture in a lovely GOTS certified factory in sunny southern Turkey.

How do you reinvent yourself successfully with each new collection?

I generally start off with colours and turn to nature for inspiration on the seasonal colour palette. I also always talk to customers and teacher regarding new styles – what they want. I also look around me and see what people are
wearing for their classes and what I really want to wear in terms of styles. I find it challenging but very rewarding. I love the design process.

How are you ensuring that ethical remains one of the core value of your business?

We never sit still. I recently enlisted the expertise of a Sustainability expert to help us track the whole journey of Asquith. And to help us be more transparent in all our processes. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve the recyclability of our packaging as well as reducing packaging waste and our carbon footprint. I’m always working with the factory trying to develop more new styles.

And our Asquith Eco Summit really helped us educate and spread the word about the importance of sustainability.

Do you manage to switch off from work and if so, what steps do you take?

I meditate twice daily. Every day. I have done for nearly 10 years. Keeps me calm and focused. I also ensure I regularly spend time in nature. I live near Hyde Park. I walk everywhere, when I can. And I love to exercise; TRX, Pilates, yoga, Spinning. I find that really helps me relax. And dancing. I love to dance. And I love travelling, which I try and do as often as the business allows.

What is the most popular item(s) in your range?

Our most popular styles vary from season to season but I’d say our Long Harem Pants and our Be Grace Batwing. They’re both flattering, comfortable, easy to wear and elegant styles. Great for yoga, Pilates or just living in. It’s my go-to travel and At Home outfit for sure!

Where can we find your brand?

Online on our new all-singing, all-dancing, website, in stores and yoga/Pilates studios, and in luxury spas and hotels.