Although the terrifying bikini season may be drawing to an end, it’s still a woman’s right to feel comfortable and confident with her body. One of the main insecurities women are faced with as they grow older is cellulite. Cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes, and can deeply affect a lady's confidence. There are a multitude of commercial products available which promise to tackle those lumps and bumps – but lots of these are full of harsh chemicals which may do your body more harm than good. There are lots of natural ways to warn off cellulite, without costing too much.

Drink plenty of water

Cellulite consists of hardened lumps of fat just beneath the surface of the skin, and aging thinning skin can make cellulite appear worse. Water flushes out the toxins in the body that cause these connective tissues to harden. Drinking lots of water gets rid of waste the natural way, and may help fight off cellulite.
Vitamin C

Another way to flush out these pesky toxins is by indulging in mountains of vitamin C. When vitamin C leaves the body, it takes a whole host of toxins with it – and some of these may be the ones that lead to cellulite. Eating lots of vit-C rich fruit and vegetables, is a great way of getting your daily allowance. Another way to inject vitamin C into your diet is by taking vitamin C tablets - a quick boost of our cellulite-fighting friend! Vitamins are a completely natural way of keeping our body in tip-top condition.

Get up!

According to the International Dermal Institute, “a sedentary lifestyle can play a role in the development of cellulite.” Dr Claudia Aguirre, scientific communications manager for the IDI, advises cellulite sufferers to have a more active lifestyle, as she believes this could have a positive impact on our health. She even encourages women to bob around whilst at work. "Standing up and moving around your computer when you are working is a nice break for your body, and your overall health.”

Oils and brushes

Instead of using harsh chemicals, why not try natural oil or a brush to tackle the bumps? Cellulite brushes exfoliate, massage and revitalise the skin – giving it a more youthful glow. Cellulite oil is intended to boost circulation, while toning and firming the areas that need a bit of extra special attention.

Posted by Matilda Jones