Spring is the time for a good old clean out. And it’s not just about a good clean up, but getting rid of your clutter is also about letting go.

Life is about constant change and when something comes into your life enjoy it, use with and when the time comes to let it go, do so. Hoarding is not a good idea and can only serve to clutter your space and your mind.

So when we talk about a good old spring clean, you won’t just be cleaning up the house but you will de clutter your mind to start afresh again.

For thousands of years our ancestors have celebrated Spring Equinox, as a time of fertility, rebirth of life and energy. The Mayans especially were aware of this day and many of their architectural sites reflect the importance of this day. The spring equinox happens when the hours of daylight and darkness are exactly equal. Ancient people celebrated the New Year on the spring equinox, some groups still celebrate their new year at this time. It is said a reduction in the Earth’s magnetic field makes it easier to release old patterns and awaken new one and hence why is it celebrated as a new beginning.

It’s a wonderful time for a good clean up for sure. Cleaning your space equals cleaning your energy, while clearing your clutter equals clearing your mind.  The ritual of spring cleaning removes any negative energy accumulated over the winter months and prepares the home for the positive growing energy of spring and summer.

So here are some tips! Get your marigolds on and get all your cleaning gear ready. With the first cleaning session start with all the surfaces in your home. Clean all baseboards, banisters, walls, windows and mirrors. Give everything a thorough wipe and polish all glass surfaces. Wipe down the electronics and appliances thoroughly.

Next start with all the fabric and drapes, which includes the curtains and bedding, so this will be quite some work! For a thorough clean your curtains will need a good old wash or dry clean. Wash all bedding, including the quilts and pillows, and make sure to flip the mattresses at the same time.

Its kitchen cleaning next, this is a bit of a task. Start by cleaning the entire counter top and sanitize it, wipe out and organise all cabinets and throw out old food and dishes you no longer use. You might want to give your oven a good clean too and make sure you clean out the vents, with grease busting cleaners. Clean out the fridge and the freezer and wipe of the top of the fridge as well as dust the fridge coils.  Lastly sanitise the sink and give your rubbish bin a good clean, wash it and finally sanitise it. Wipe down all appliances including your microwave and don’t forget the switches need a wipe too.

Next on to the bathroom! Clean thoroughly and santise the toilets, sinks, cabinets and showers. Wipe down the walls and descale the shower head if you need to.

Move onto furniture next and vacuum out couches and chairs and wash your couch cushions. Make sure to vacuum and mop all floors and wash rugs too. Polish up any furniture with wax if you need to and finish up with shampooing the carpets.

Finally go though your personal possessions and let go of things you do not need. Try to up cycle or recycle what you can and give away clothes and shoes that you do not use to worthy charities. Make sure you keep only what you use and de clutter your personal space, your room and your cupboards. Change is a good thing, and letting go will help you refresh and restart with a new energy.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Burn some sage at the end of your cleaning session, or, for an extra boost, try Aunt Vi’s White Aura Spray for purifying and cleansing our space.  It contains Juniper oil, a folk remedy to dispel and purify negative spirits, and it’s infused with Clear Quartz and Diamond essences and also has the antibacterial and refreshing oils of Tea tree and Peppermint. mmmm!

Just passing through

Life is constant change. So when something comes into your life enjoy it, use it well, & when it is time, let it go. It is that simple. Just because you own something, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it forever. You are just a temporary custodian of many things as they pass through your life. You can’t, after all, take the contents of your kitchen cupboards with you when you die, & nor would you want to!

Everything material is merely energy in transition. You may think you own a house or have money in the bank, but the fact is you don’t even own the body you stand up in. It is on loan from the planet &, after you are done with it, it will be automatically recycled & reappear in a different form without you. You are spirit — glorious, eternal, indestructible spirit — but your human circumstance is what can best be described as a transient, “rent-a-body” situation.

Your body is the temporary temple of your soul. What you keep around you in the extended temple of your home needs to change with you as you change & grow, so that it reflects who you are. Particularly if you are engaged in any kind of self-improvement work, you will need to update your environment regularly. So get into the habit of leaving a trail of discarded clutter in your wake, & start to think of it as a sign of your progression!

Let go of fear

People hold on to their clutter because they are afraid to let it go — afraid of the emotions they may experience in the process of sorting through the stuff, afraid they will make a mistake & later regret getting rid of something, afraid they will leave themselves vulnerable, exposed or at risk in some way. Clutter clearing can bring up a lot of “stuff” to be faced & dealt with, & intuitively everybody knows it.

However, the rewards for clutter clearing are well worth it. Love & fear cannot exist in the same space, so everything you are holding on to through fear is blocking you from having more love in your life; clearing it allows more love to start pouring in. Fear stops you from being who you truly are & doing what you came here to do; clutter clearing brings you greater clarity about your life purpose. Fear suppresses your vital life force energy; releasing clutter helps reconnect you to your own natural vitality. Letting go of clutter leaves you free to be you, which is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.