They're a common part of the British diet, so it's easy to overlook the healthy living benefits of those sweet green delights, garden peas!

Tasty in a huge number of different scenarios, you can whizz them into a moreish soup for a starter, have them as a side dish to a main meal or bake them into any number of delights.

Why not try using them alongside mint? The flavour combination when this pair of green delights are put together is wonderful.

The sweetness of this great food also means that they could provide a perfect healthy addition to kids' meals.

And, of course, peas aren't only great tasting, they also contain some fantastic goodness.

The goodness in peas

There's fibre in these fantastic little things, as well as Vitamin C. If you cook the peas by steaming them, this can play a part in making sure a lower amount of Vitamin C gets lost through cooking.

You'll want to keep as much Vit' C as possible in your peas. There is also protein in these perfect packages of flavour.

Seasonal sensations

One great thing to keep in mind about peas as the signs of spring can be seen all around this May is that they are is season.

So why not take advantage of this and add some of this fantastic food to your next meal, or simply re-stock on peas so that you're ready to have some to enjoy the next time you fancy?

Green (pea) fingered

Another wonderful thing about peas is that it's possible for the green fingered to have a go at cultivating them outside. Put some effort in and you could have a crop of perfect peas to pod in your garden or allotment! Imagine how exciting it could be to be picking peas from your very own garden?

Don't dismiss peas as a dull option, tuck into these tasty treats!