Fruits and veg of a whole range of colours, from bright yellow bananas to indigo blueberries, could have a place in the list of ingredients for a sensational smoothie.

And each ingredient brings something a little different to the mix, in terms of both its flavour, its colour and the exact range of nutrients it contains.

Some great goodness can also be added to a smoothie when you throw in a veg that you might not associate with a sweet treat  - but which provides some brilliant nutrients for your body to savour.

Here are three examples of greens that can be added to smoothies. Why not try one of these as a smoothie ingredient the next time you're whizzing up a vitamin-rich treat in the smoothie maker?

Spectacular spinach  

Fresh spinach leaves can make a great addition to a smoothie, and though they don't exactly taste sweet, they have a fresh, very healthy-tasting flavour which could give your beverage a great feeling of being extra-good for you!

Popeye's fave food, spinach contains vitamin C and magnesium, as well as iron, three great nutrients. One thing that can make it brilliant for smoothies is just how simple it is to throw into your smoothie maker: there's no chopping or peeling for these nutrient-rich leaves. A simple rinse will do, then add them to the mix!

Celebrated Celery

Also nice and easy to add to a smoothie, celery can be kept in the fridge until you need it, then rinsed, chopped and smoothed out in your smoothie maker.

There's vitamin C in these fresh-tasting sticks and they will add water to your smoothie, while also bringing a host of minerals. Think potassium, manganese and calcium, for example.

Because of its subtle flavour, celery is a good way to add another item to a smoothie mix which won't overpower the taste of other ingredients.

Wonderful watercress

As a good alternative to spinach in a smoothie for those who want a stronger taste, watercress provides even more vitamin C to the mix than its fellow leafy veg.

Again, you won't need much prep for this great ingredient once you have it to hand. After a little rinse, it can be added to your smoothie maker and will quickly break down into the juicy goodness inside.

You can get vitamin A from this exciting green kitchen ingredient (which is also good for making things like salads), as well as Vitamin B6 and iron.

Sometimes called a 'superfood' it can certainly be a super smoothie ingredient!

As with anything in life, it's advised not to overindulge when it comes to any one smoothie ingredient.