Recent research has suggested that people in married couples begin to take their other half for granted a mere three and a half years after their wedding day.

At this stage in their relationship, man and wife have a greater likelihood of hopping into bed at two different times, the Co-operative Food research suggested.

It seems that at this point in a relationship people start to forget things like Valentine's Day and anniversaries, too! 

Some 73 per cent of the 2,000 married people surveyed felt that partners taking their other half for granted was a normal state of affairs when it came to people who had been hitched a good while, though.

And 90 per cent of the sample put their behaviour around their partner down to the fact they and their other half are very comfortable together. Two in three felt they were part of a strong marriage,

Meanwhile, 43 per cent said it was bad to take a partner for granted.

"This research shows once they’ve tied the knot, it’s all too easy for couples to start getting complacent and start taking each other for granted," commented Co-operative Food's Kate Jones.

"Once the honeymoon period is over, couples often let bad habits take over and forget to go the extra mile to make each other happy."

She suggested that things like having a meal as a couple at home or going for dates might prove a way that couples could show each other they care.

"Bad habits begin to creep into the relationship, such as breaking wind in front of each other, showering less, women forgetting to shave their legs, not closing the bathroom door when using the toilet and leaving the toilet seat up," she added.

"Far from those bad habits being a sign that the relationship’s on the rocks, it looks as though taking each other for granted can be a sign of security and comfort, and you don’t need the reassurance of saying ‘I love you’ all the time."

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