New research has suggested that men are much-involved in wedding preparations these days.

Though only around five per cent of grooms have a role in deciding on flower arrangements, 56 per cent decide on where the wedding will take place, Austin Reed statistics suggest. Meanwhile, one in three help decide on that all-important symbol of love - the cake.

Some 2,000 people married within the past half decade were polled to produce these statistics.

Close to 60 per cent of couples felt the men are more involved with wedding preparations these days compared with in the past. Some 42 per cent said they would be as good at wedding planning as women.

“There has always been an assumption that it’s brides who call the shots regarding the big day, but due to the huge cost of weddings now it makes sense the responsibility is shared,” commented Austin Reed’s representative.

If it’s true that men are doing more wedding planning jobs these days, that could mean that ladies who are about to get married benefit. 

With their soon-to-be husband on the job of preparing for the festivities, they could take time out for preparations of a far more relaxing kind.

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