These days, we’re lucky enough to have the chance to get our hands on food products that are used in cuisine eaten all over the world.

And with the internet to help us, not only can we often buy these products online, it’s also so easy to find recipes that help us recreate certain styles of food in our kitchens.

Look for curry recipes online and you might find some of them involve something called ghee. In fact, if you’ve eaten Indian food in the past, you may well have come across this culinary ingredient.

Ghee can be a useful type of fat to have around in the kitchen when it comes to adding an authentic touch to Indian dishes you might want to make, like a tasty curry!

It’s a type of clarified butter that is much-used in that part of the world when people are preparing various dishes.

Ghee, which is sometimes made in spice-flavoured varieties, is essentially a clear butter which the milk solids have been taken out of, and is useful for when you want to fry, as a result of its high smoking point.

Keeping for longer than butter without turning rancid, ghee can be made from butter produced from the milk of different types of animal, such as cow’s milk.

Other ingredients that can be helpful to have to hand when it comes to creating curries include chickpeas, an ingredient which contains a range of nutrients and can help provide you with protein, something which is important for healthy living.

Lentils are also a curry ingredient that can give you protein - and can be a way to get protein if you are vegetarian or vegan, for example (because it is made from milk, ghee is not vegan, of course).

There are also a range of spices that can be included in a curry, all of which will provide slightly different qualities to the eventual dish that you create.

Have fun looking for types of curry to try, and treat yourself!