The music star Goldie has been talking about his practice of Bikram yoga, praising the activity.

“I swear by it” he told BBC Breakfast this week, adding that he began taking part in the activity three years back, after an accident which saw him nearly lose a leg.

“I nearly lost my leg in a water ski accident and I was in hospital for four months and I’d just had a divorce, I was really down and out and my friend said ‘why don’t you try Bikram yoga?’ so I got into Bikram,” he told the news programme on March 13th.

The star, whose best-of collection The Alchemist was released this week, and who was in 1999 Pierce Brosnan James Bond flick The World Is Not Enough, said that the activity provided him with “total peace of mind [and] focus”.

For him, he suggested, the mental benefit to be gained from this sort of yoga was more important than the physical benefit. “I’m so focused now, in terms of work,” he said.

Goldie isn’t the only star who is a fan of this activity, it seems. Only recently Spice Girl Mel C mentioned that she also takes part in Bikram yoga.

The Spice Girl told Hello: "I like yoga, I do Vinyasa flow and a bit of Bikram,” in a recent interview.

Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch, who is set to appear on the silver screen this May in sci fi film Star Trek into Darkness, used Bikram when preparing for the part of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC TV series Sherlock.

Back in 2010, he told that his pre-Sherlock prep involved eating well, running, swimming and “some Bikram yoga” among other things.

Besiders  Bikram, other yoga varieties include Anusara, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

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