The middle of December is upon us, meaning that Christmas is just around the corner. While many people will revel in the hustle and bustle that comes hand-in-hand with the festive period, others will find it an incredibly stressful time.

Whether it is the threat of the family descending upon you, the last minute rush to find the right gift, or the worry of Christmas dinner hanging over your head, the festive period brings with it a number of things that can send your stress levels through the roof.

However, there are things that you can do to help reduce how much stress you are feeling in order to enjoy the holiday and all that it brings. Taking some time to relax your body and mind could really pay-off if you want to see out the year in a chilled out manner.

Take time to yourself

Even if you don't have the extended family threatening to visit, it can be difficult to get some time to yourself as Christmas approaches. 

Make sure you make time to do something for yourself, whether this is taking a walk, reading a book or just watching some festive television. This can help you to unwind and forget anything that you might have to do before Christmas hits.

Have a bath 

More often than not, if you're busy it is usually a case of having a quick shower before rushing off to do something. Taking time to have a warm relaxing bath means that you get time to yourself, but also that your muscles can relax.

Helping your body relax can also help your mind to chill out, which can make you feel much easier. Soaking in a hot bath - perhaps with some essential oils for fragrance - is a great way to warm you up, get rid of those knotted muscles and ensure you are ready for the days ahead.

Eat healthily

While you might be tempted to indulge in a few too many festive treats when feeling stressed, this is one of the worst things you can do. Sugary foods may provide a quick burst of energy, but you'll come down and feel tired just as quickly. They also take a longer amount of time to burn off, which can add on the pounds.

Rather than reaching for the chocolate, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. These contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins that will keep you going, make you feel great and come without the guilt.

Plan, plan, plan

You may have a lot to do, but the chances are there isn't as much as you might think. Rather than running around to try and get everything done and making it harder for you, put together a list of everything that needs doing.

Writing down what chores need to be completed before Christmas and working out when you can do them all will help to relax your mind. You'll probably find that some of the odd jobs can go together, saving you time and energy. 

Being able to see everything that needs doing and crossing each thing off as you do it means that you are less likely to forget something and that you won't be running around at the last minute. 


However you handle your stress, make sure you enjoy the Christmas festivities. Not everything has to be perfect and you don't have to be rushing around the whole day.