It’s the time of year when people with allergies are often focused on the outside world and the pollen that can trigger hayfever. But there’s something that can cause allergic reactions a little closer to home.

They share your house, but chances are you ’mite’ well not want them there! If dust mites are causing problems, it’s time to show them the door.

Luckily, it’s possible to cut down on the number of dust mites that live in a home through making some simple changes.

These creatures are no fun, not least because they munch on the bits of dead skin that us humans shed - not a pleasant thought! - and can lead to allergic reactions.   

When dust causes you issues, try donning a mask while vacuuming.

If mites are causing you trouble, a vacuum cleaner could help come to the rescue. If you want to boost the amount of dust you get rid of by vacuuming, it could be worth investing in a vacuum that has a (very scientific sounding!) high efficiency particulate air filter on it.

The sorts of people who like to invest in eco friendly products may want to conserve electricity and save the vacuum cleaner to bring out only  for cleaning things like carpet.

When it comes to giving other things a dust, a cloth moistened with a little water can be a good way to go. It’s best to check whatever the thing you are dusting is suitable to wipe in this way, though.

Rather than curtains, it may be wise to invest in some roller blinds, meanwhile. And if you currently have carpet, you could find that swapping this with wood underfoot could make a difference, too.

How do you know you’re allergic?

It could be that you have never heard of dust mites before, and so could be experiencing an allergic reaction to them without being aware of this.

It’s good to be armed with details about some of the signs of a reaction, so that you are ready to do something about it if you find you are in the position of suffering one.

Possible signs of an allergy to dust mites can include finding yourself sneezing, having itchy eyes and having a runny nose.