Not only is the festive season upon us, it is also the time of year when illnesses are abundant and the darker days can make you feel drained. If you are already feeling a bit worse for wear as winter sets in, or if you want to try and avoid getting run down, bee pollen could be highly beneficial.

Made by honeybees and fed to their young, bee pollen has long been used as natural remedy for ageing and healing. It is incredibly rich in nutrients, vitamins, folic acid and proteins - basically everything a human needs to stay happy and healthy.

It also contains free amino acids, which don't need to be processed by the body before they can be used, meaning that you get an instant hit of goodness. 

All-in-all everything about bee pollen is good and a teaspoon a day can help to make you feel happier and healthy throughout the winter months, allowing for you to be ready for everything the season has to throw at you.

Here are the five top benefits that bee pollen has to offer.


Bee pollen helps to provide you with an extra energy boost, which is especially beneficial for those that often feel tired during the winter. As it contains B vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, it can help keep you going throughout the day and keep fatigue at bay. 

This can also mean good things for your mental agility during the day, as it helps to improve your focus and concentration to keep you ticking along without feeling drained. 


To help you steer clear of illnesses during the colder months, bee pollen is a great boost to your immune system. It is beneficial to the intestinal flora, which ultimately supports the immune system, strengthening it so it is better able to fight off any viruses you might come into contact with.  

If you have already started to feel the sniffles setting in, bee pollen can also aid your recovery by helping the immune system to function better through its antibiotic properties and by providing you with more energy.


Bee pollen is often included in treatments for skin irritations, such as eczema, as it helps to protect and repair the skin. The abundance of vitamins and amino acids found in the pollen helps to sooth any inflammation of the skin and to protect it from further damage.

They also help skin cells to regenerate quicker, healing any damage that has already been done to the skin. This is great for those that have skin conditions that are made worse by cold weather, as it can help to avoid any pain or irritation throughout the winter.


Winter is often known as the season of excess. As well as having celebrations, like Christmas, that usually go hand-in-hand with rich foods, the bad weather means that many people don't get as much exercise and so put weight on. 

Bee pollen helps with weight management by suppressing any cravings. It is a great daily supplement for those trying to lose weight or want to avoid overindulging this season.


Bee pollen is also good for helping to strengthen the cardiovascular system, which is beneficial for everyone at all times. It contains a lot of an antioxidant bioflavonoid called rutin, which helps to make blood vessels and capillaries stronger. 

This will help to keep hearts healthy and improve circulation, which can also help you to stay warm throughout the winter if you suffer from cold hands and feet.