You've decided to start yoga classes. Maybe a friend recommended this great activity, having realised for themselves that it is full of fantastic benefits.

They may have seen some of the in-depth research which has linked yoga to positive outcomes for people.

Or perhaps you have been hearing about all the celebs who are in love with this pastime and wanted to try it for yourself?

Either way, when you hit your class, you'll want to bring the right yoga equipment. Attending classes and chatting to your instructor could help you work out exactly what you'll need.

You'll feel more confident turning up with the right equipment so that you look like you're clued-in on how yoga works. And one of the most important things that people take to yoga classes are yoga mats.

Here at Fushi, we make it a pleasure to find a yoga mat for your needs. There are a host of different colour options to choose from, from cheerful yellow to sophisticated black, for example.  

You might find you need a somewhat thicker yoga mat, depending on your own personal requirements. We offer different thicknesses of mat for you to choose from, so that you are more likely to find the perfect mat for you! There is also a wide price range on offer.

When you're starting out, you may feel that a mat that costs less is what you're looking for. On the other hand, as you continue with your hobby, you could be more likely to want to spend a little more on your mats.

Likewise, some beginners will find a higher-priced mats suits them, and some long-time yoga fans will prefer to opt for mats at lower price points.

And while stocks last you can get a cotton yoga strap at no extra cost when you invest in either yoga bags or yoga mats on the site. This could prove really useful in the course of exploring your new favourite hobby, so do take advantage of this amazing deal while you can!