This time of years comes with a wide selection of festive foods, so it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet.
However, making a few small changes could make your food even tastier and help you stay on the right track this Christmas. Hemp oil has a nutty flavour and can be used to enhance all types of dishes.
What’s good about it
Hemp oil can be used in the place of other cooking oils such as sunflower or olive oil, and thanks to its subtle flavour is thought to bring out the taste of other foods much more.
Chris Kilham, a self-proclaimed medicine hunter, told Fox News that hemp oil also has a number of health benefits.
“Rich in complete protein and an excellent source of healthy oils – including vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids – hemp provides superior nutrition with very good taste,” he explained.
These fatty acids are thought to be beneficial to preventing heart disease and keeping the heart healthy. In addition, hemp protein has a high number of globulins, a protein that helps support the immune system.
Looking after your skin
But hemp oil doesn’t just have a reputation for helping you on the inside, those same fatty acids are really good news for those with skin conditions. Omega-3 and omega-6 is thought to be useful in easing the symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.
In addition to this, according to, those who have taken hemp oil regularly report softer skin, smoother and thicker hair and stronger nails.
This is one of the reasons it is commonly found in cosmetics. Teamed with its antioxidant properties, it can cleanse skin and even-out skin tone without drying skin – an important point in the harsh winter months.
As part of a healthy diet, hemp oil could help you look and feel better, even if the weather is doing its worst.