Although herbalists recommend certain herbs may be helpful with prostate health conditions, some of the best ways to prevent such problems argued by health experts is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy eating, keeping stress at bay and not consuming too much alcohol, sugars, caffeine and meat, are all good habits to maintain overall health generally. However world wide more and more people are interested in herbal remedies to help with such conditions and although research is still being carried out there are some herbs that have become well known for this health condition.


ÿHerbs that may be beneficial for prostrate health are:-

Saw Palmetto is one of the best-known herbs for prostate health, and has been shown to effectively diminish pain, inflammation and enlargement of the prostate. Saw palmetto has been used for centuries and is also thought to have a mild aphrodisiac effect.


New review of research shows Red Clover may work even better. Researchers found that Red Cover helps to treat the urinary problems associated with an enlarged prostate more effectively than Saw Palmetto and other commonly recommended prostate herbs. This is still being researched further but so far reports have been encouraging.

An herb from an African evergreen tree, Pygeum africanum, has been shown in research to reduce prostatic enlargement and inflammation, Pygeum has many natural chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and other positive effects on energy and bodily functions.

Stinging Nettle is also a well known herb that is thought be useful for supporting prostate health. It is not used nearly as much as saw palmetto, but it is effective enough to be included in any good prostate formula as part of an herbal prostate treatment. Usually, it is included as part of a formula for a prostate tincture.

Kidney cleansing is an important aspect of helping to cleanse the prostate, as the kidneys are the primary means for the prostate to flush toxins. To keep the kidneys in optimum one must be consuming sufficient water, juices, and herbal teas and eat healthily. Popular kidney cleansing herbs include juniper, dandelion leaf, corn silk, parsley, and horsetail. Although these kidney cleansing herbs are not herbs for prostate health per se, they form an important part of any comprehensive herbal prostate treatment.