We’ve all had those days at work that just completely wipe us out. Not only are our brains utterly fried, the stress takes over our bodies as well – leaving us stiff and anxious, tied up with knots and aches. Without looking to unnatural pain relief tablets, or simply living with the discomfort, experts claim that massage is a great, natural healer of work stress.


Daily emotional stress brought about by long hours at work or a high pressure environment can cause tension and pain, especially in the neck and back. Massages manipulate the muscles and ease the pressure, alleviating the pain. Working at a desk can also force the muscles to seize – resulting in daily aches that can be lessened by massage.


Massages are more than just a physical healer – they can have the ability to relieve emotional stress and anxiety. Andrea Preston, massage expert and founder of The Treatment Room, says that massages are an ideal way for individuals in stressful jobs to relax. "All massage treatments are beneficial for those in high-stress jobs, particularly in the current climate, where the pressure is on more then ever. Taking one hour out for yourself, once a month, to invest in your own health and well being, is highly recommended."

How can massage improve work performance?

Studies have proven that a more relaxed and stress-free workforce perform better at work. A massage is the ideal way to find your inner zen, and work towards that promotion!

Do it yourself

There are a multitude of massage tools available to give you the same de-stress feeling at home. As feet have the largest amount of nerve endings, using a foot roller is a great way to activate pressure points, which release energy to regenerate the feet and benefit the whole body. Massaging the head has also been known to relieve tension, restore radiance and invigorate after a long day.

Posted by Freya Harper