Keeping yourself looking young goes hand in hand with acting young. How you feel on the inside will absolutely reflect itself in the way you look on the outside.

Being young is definitely a state of mind, so make sure that you do everything in your power to help you look and feel as young as possible.

Keep your body active

What better way to tell your body that you're young than to act like a teenager?

Exercise will keep your body looking trim and youthful, as well as releasing endorphins that make you feel happier and more confident in your looks.

You don't have to go over the top to feel the full benefit. Yoga is great for slowing down the effects of aging, as it relaxes the body and mind - keeping you supple, calm and young at heart.

…And your mind

Don't let getting older make you feel that you no longer need to be engaged with the world around you.

Keep abreast of the news and current affairs. This way, you'll be able to join in with conversations with absolutely anybody.

Other ways to keep your mind youthful are to write a blog, maintain hobbies and keep in touch with old friends.

Keeping up appearances

Making an effort with your appearance will simply make you feel better. You don't need an excuse to whack on the lippy and the blusher - do it just because you want to.

"The way you look influences how you feel," The Daily Mail says.

"One study measured the blood pressure of women before and after they had their hair dyed. Women who thought that they looked younger after the appointment showed a significant reduction in blood pressure."

Feeling good will encourage you to do other beneficial things. You are more likely to want to have people over, go shopping, try a new hobby if you feel comfortable in your own skin.

All of these activities keep you looking and feeling bright and youthful.

Posted by Freya Harper