Written by
Mary-Claire Akinyemi, Health & beauty writer

Extracted from the graceful Camellia Japonica flowering tree native to East and Southern Asia, the versatile and highly nourishing Camellia is extracted fro m the Kissi shrub  and commonly referred to as Rose of Winter is every bit as alluring as its name would suggest. Used for centuries for all from protecting the skin from the effects of the sun to nourishing dry hair and brittle nails, it’s easy to see why the modest yet powerful Camellia oil still remains highly valued and sought after.

 So why Camellia?

Whether you’re wondering which natural oils would better suit you, or searching for an addition to your rotation of natural oils, Camellia just might be that nutrient rich all-in-one oil you need and here’s why.

  • It is light and absorbs quickly 

Rich in plant collagen, Camellia  oil can be used to moisturise the face, the entire body or just treat patches of dry skin on a daily basis. It should be applied to damp skin for optimal moisture. Research has shown that using it on a daily basis can produce smoother and more moisturised skin.

  • It has a high Omega-9 content

High in monounsaturated fats, Omega- 9 fatty acids otherwise known as Oleic acids are essential for the cardiovascular health and blood sugar control. Though commonly found in vegetable oils such as canola and grape seed oil, Camellia oil has one of the highest concentrations of Oleic fatty acid(around 80 to 85%) and so rightfully considered the most penetrative of natural oils. And because Oleic acids have a stable molecular structure it does not readily oxidise or deteriorate, meaning it has a longer shelf life than many natural oils.

  • It can strengthen and add sheen to hair

Camellia  not only helps to condition the hair shaft, it also stimulates scalp circulation, in turn promoting healthy hair growth by preventing breakage and split ends,  regardless of your hair type-though it is thought to especially benefit thick and naturally curly hair. We recommend applying a few drops of it to damp or wet hair, massaging it in the scalp, as well as from root to tip.

  •  It encourages healthy skin

Whatever your skin type or ailment-whether it’s dry, sensitive and prone to breakout or mature-light spot treatments of Camellia oil has been proven to help irritations and encourage clear, healthy skin, penetrating it deeply and very quickly. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, E as well as poly-phenols, natural antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage. When used regularly, over a period of time, it can help to speed up the healing process as well as prevent scarring.

  •  It even cleanses

Camellia oil can be used as a light oil cleanser for all skin types. It can remove under eye makeup effectively and deeply cleanses impurities in the pores leaving the skin cleansed and nourished. It’s as simple as adding a few drops to a cotton pad and using on the desired area.

  •  It works wonders on stretch marks

Many have sworn have sworn by the restorative powers of Camellia  to reduce the signs of stretch marks during pregnancy, including household names such as Victoria Beckham who credited it for helping keep her skin supple during pregnancy. Wonder how it works? Well studies have shown that hormones released during pregnancy prevent the skin cells from producing new collagen and elastin cells, and Camellia oil cleverly counteracts that by increasing collagen production within the skin in turn promoting hydration and restoring elasticity to the skin.

  • And can reduce the signs of aging

Because of its high antioxidant properties, Camellia  oil can help to revive and repair skin cells. And with regular use, it is thought to diminish fine lines, stretch marks, dark circles and puffy eyes, uneven skin tone and even broken capillaries.

Pure, Cold-pressed Camellia

Pure and organic Camellia Kissi oil should be a bright, clear golden hue and be odourless; a deep brown colour will indicate it’s been mixed with other oils. Traditionally its oil is cold-pressed to retain maximum benefit from the seeds of the Camellia Japonica. Camellia oil should not be mistaken for Camelllia Oleifeira, an edible oil similar to olive oil in its composition or tea or tea seed oils produced from the Camellia Sinesis species.

Like other carrier oils, Fushi’s Camellia Kissi oil is guaranteed organic without any chemical additives whatsoever and has been ethically sourced, meaning you can fully trust its authenticity and quality.