Women can suffer from hot flushes at any time in their life, but they are most frequent during the menopause.

They can be irritating, awkward, and most importantly, embarrassing to a woman.

The causes of hot flushes are not yet known, nor is there a definitive medicine to prohibit them.

However, there are some homeopathic remedies that many menopausal women swear by, helping to both prevent and stop flushes when they appear.

Stay calm

If you feel a hot flush coming on, try and relax. Stress and nervous energy make the flush last longer and become more intense.

Some women practice particular yoga positions when they feel themselves heating up. Breathing calmly and evenly helps to alleviate the flush, as well as keeping you relaxed.

A number of doctors have asserted that deep breathing can reduce the number of hot flushes that a woman suffers. Because of this, yoga may be worth practising even when you're not going through a hot flush.

Flax seed

Some individuals believe that flax seed can be just as effective as hormone replacement medication in calming the severity of hot flushes.

Flax seed is high in fibre so it keeps your body ticking over the way that it should. It is thought to reduce the number of hot flushes a woman gets.

Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, flax seed oil also has great anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Things to avoid

Sometimes prevention is the best cure, and there are some simple things you can avoid to lessen the chances of a hot flush coming on.

Many women have found that avoiding caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, hot or spicy foods and hot drinks has helped them during the menopause.

Of course, all women are different. It's best to cut out one thing at a time and see if it has a positive effect on you.

Posted by Matilda Jones